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LUX community
Luxico is creating an online community for the rich and famous to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in their lives. We believe that wealthy people are those who will clearly show that cryptocurrencies are no longer limited to programmers. They will make LUX and other coins trendy and desirable.

LUX coin will be used inside the Luxico community to rent villas, yachts, and cars anonymously from one other. They will also be able to pay each other for favors, and collect funds for philanthropic projects.

The Luxico comminity and built-in LUX wallet will be accessible via its website and mobile apps.
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Token Emission and Distribution
The success of this new coin greatly depends on thoughtful emission and distribution strategy. LUX coin is designed for long lasting demand and growth.

Five billion LUX tokens will be emitted to avoid unnecessary scarcity. It is more convenient for the exchange rate to be single digit rather than a few thousands, like Bitcoin's.

Tokens will be distributed among five groups of participants: ICO purchasers, Founders, 1,000 Forbes billionaires, 1,000 Luxico laureates, and 1,000 worldwide vote winners. Each of these groups are essential for the future of LUX coin.
1,000 Luxico Laureates
1,000 famous individuals selected by Luxico to have a right to claim one million LUX coin. The full list is coming soon.
1,000 Worldwide Vote Winners
Nominate and vote for deserving candidates from your country. Winners will receive one million LUX coins. Coming soon.

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All the payments have been refunded on August 26th.
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